Sponsoring Training for your Team

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Training in Vancouver 

Training in your Community 

Prior to hosting a training event in your community you might consider sending two trainees to the host province of British Columbia to complete “Connect Leader Training” and running a Connect Parent Group in your community to ensure that this program meets your needs.

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 As we are committed to building a collaborative network of Connect practitioners, the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre may sponsor the initial cost of the training workshop for two leaders subject to the availability of seats. Additional costs will include participants’ travel expenses and certification supervision. [/expand]

For information on the availability of seats in training venues in British Columbia contact Dr. Marlene Moretti at moretti@sfu.ca.

If there is sufficient interest in your community, Connect Parent Group trainers can come to you! Two trainers are required per 16 trainees in your community which will provide the capacity to run up to 8 groups.

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 It is important to have trainees attend in pairs as the group requires two leaders. Costs for training include trainer fees, travel and certification supervision. [/expand]

For information on organizing a training event in your community and fees for trainers and supervision contact Dr. Moretti  at moretti@sfu.ca.