Measurement Protocol

Psychometrically strong parent- and youth-report questionnaire protocols are used when evaluating our Connect programs in national and international studies with >2,000 parents. Recently, for the evaluation of eConnect Online, a measure assessing the impact of COVID-19 has been added. 




Youth Oppositional, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD symptoms, Risk Taking/Self-Harm, School connectedness, Callous-Unemotional Traits, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI)1, Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits (ICU)2, Autism Spectrum Quotient-10 (AQ-10)3, School Connectedness Scale (SCS)4 Parent report



BCFPI1; Child Revised Impact of Event Scale1, The Risk-Taking and Self-Harm Inventory for Adolescents (RTSHIA)5, Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits (ICU)2, AQ-103, SCS youth report4


Parent Emotion Regulation; Depressed Mood, Anxiety Symptoms & PTSD symptoms; Parent Callous-Unemotional Traits

Affect Regulation Checklist (ARC)-Self report7; BCFPI-Parent Mood Scale1; Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Impact of Event Scale-Revised8, ICU



Youth Attachment Security & Emotion Regulation

Adolescent Attachment Anxiety and Avoidant Inventory (AAAAI) 9; ARC-Parent report7

AAAAI9, ARC-Youth report7

Caregiver Strain, Aggression in the Home; Parenting Sense of Competence; Family Satisfaction, Parenting Behaviours

Caregiver Strain Questionnaire10 Conflict Tactics Scale-2 (CTS-2)11, Parent Sense of Competence (PSOC)12; Family Satisfaction Scale (FSS) 13, Alabama Parenting Questionnaire (APQ)14, Interpersonal Mindfulness in Parenting (IM-P) Scale15

APQ- Youth Report14, IM-P Youth Report15, CTS-211, FSS13

COVID-19 Strain

Impacts of COVID-19; Social Distancing16

Impacts of COVID-19; Social Distancing16


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