How Does Connect Work?


screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-5-10-53-pmAttachment and Development

Attachment is a safety net for healthy development. When children are securely attached, they feel comfortable exploring their environment – they do not cling to us unnecessarily – they are free to learn new things about the world and develop new relationships. They also feel comfortable coming to us for help when they need it. They do not try to hide their fears, or avoid us when they are upset. A secure bond provides a good balance of comfort and safety on the one hand, and support for learning new things about the world on the other.



Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships

Attachment is something that is shared between children and parents – it is a “shared partnership”. You build the relationship together, you change it together, and you are both changed by it. Your understanding and behaviour in the relationship has a powerful impact on your child’s behaviour and development. By understanding attachment in your relationship with your child, you can respond in ways that support healthy development and strengthen the bond between you.




screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-5-44-45-pmTherapeutic Goals of Connect

The Connect Parent Group focuses on strengthening the building blocks of attachment security. This means enhancing:

  • caregivers’ sensitivity
  • caregivers’ reflective functioning
  • caregivers’ ability to manage difficult emotional states in themselves and their children (dyadic affect regulation)
  • shared partnership and mutuality in the caregiver-child relationship