Information on Connect Facilitator Training

Training for Connect Group Facilitators

For those who would like to provide a Connect Group in their community there is a three-day workshop available. The first day is open to community professionals and stakeholders, including clinicians, teachers, law enforcement, etc., and the remaining two days are for Connect Facilitator trainees only, focusing on learning and practicing content and procedures to operate a Connect Group.

Following training a supervision and certification process takes place during facilitators’ first Connect Group. Supervision is provided by a certified Connect Supervisor, who reviews video recordings for all session and provides weekly one-hour teleconference or in-person supervision. Trainees are also required to review their video-recorded sessions weekly in preparation for supervision and to complete weekly adherence ratings and reflection forms. Connect Facilitators are typically certified following supervision of one full Connect Group, however additional supervision may be required. Re-certification with limited video-recording takes place after two years and/or four complete Groups have been run.

For practitioners in British Columbia

Training for practitioners affiliated with mental health and educational services that are government funded within BC may be accessed free of charge where available. For more information on Connect training in British Columbia, please visit this link and follow the instructions on the page:

For practitioners outside of British Columbia

For more information on research partnerships and Connect training outside of British Columbia, Canada, please contact Dr. Marlene Moretti at