The Adolescent Health Lab at Simon Fraser University is led by Dr. Marlene Moretti and includes an outstanding team of graduate and undergraduate researchers. In partnership with the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre, we are committed to translating research into evidence-based practice. We focus on child and adolescent mental health and well-being, parent-child attachment and the development of programs that make a difference for families.

For information on a Connect program you can attend in BC, please contact:

Lesley Nicholas-Beck                  Phone: (778) 621-2129      Email: or
Beau Mein                                        Phone: (778) 621-2130      Email:

For information on Connect program training inside BC, please contact:

Siobhan Avery                                Email: 

For information on Connect program training and Connect groups outside of BC, please contact:

Dr. Marlene Moretti                       Email:

For information on Connect research and ongoing studies, please contact:

Dr. Marlene Moretti                       Email: or
The Adolescent Health Lab         Phone: (778) 782-4956

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