Connect In Canada

Connect is available throughout British Columbia through mental health clinicians and social services in your community or through your schools. Access to the program is free of charge when offered by these agencies to their clients. For more information, please contact the staff below:

Lesley Nicholas-Beck Beau Mein
(778) 621-2129 (778) 621-2130

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For more information on Connect in Ontario, please contact Dr. Mario Cappelli:

Connect Parent Group:

In 2009, IWK Health started delivering the Connect Parent Group following the training in Vancouver.  Since this time, we’ve offered approximately 125 groups.

The IWK Health Connect Training Team implemented Connect Parent Group facilitator training in 2009, 2012 and 2014.

In 2018, The Nova Scotia Health Authority started offering Connect Parent Groups across the province at different sites. 

Connect Staff Training:

In 2009, IWK Health initiated the first round of Connect Staff Training; since then, we have offered staff training in 2013, 2015, and 2017.

In 2010, IWK Health initiated offering Connect via the Telehealth Network (Virtual) in order to better reach remote locations across the province.

Connect Staff Training Support:

In 2015, the IWK, Adolescent Intensive Service, (part of the larger Mental Health and Addictions Program) adapted a Continuous Learning Model that applies Connect to weekly staff mentoring sessions where the focus is on application of the principles to self, clients/families, and teams, with the intention of enhancing reflective capacity of staff.  Since the pandemic, we’ve made the switch to providing these mentoring sessions virtually, via the Zoom platform. 

For more information on Connect in Nova Scotia, please contact Dr. Sharon Clark:

Quebec Implementation

In June 2018, the Centre for Clinical Research in Health at Concordia University hosted the first 3-day Connect Workshop was facilitated by Dr. Marlene Moretti, Dr. Patti Ranahan (Concordia University) and Dr. Katherine Pascuzzo (University of Sherbrooke) in Montreal, Quebec with 11 participants.

During the fall of 2018, 10 caregivers completed the Connect program with co-leaders from the Jewish General Hospital and Centres locaux de services communautaires Benny Farm. The co-leaders successfully completed the certification process and ran a second Connect group between January 2019 and March 2019 with 8 caregivers. Caregiver participants reported feeling respected and supported during the group, and more confident in their ability to parent their child.

Invited Community Presentations:

Ranahan, P., & Fagen, R. (2019, October). Enhancing attachment security in parent-youth relationships: The Connect Parent Group. Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Quebec.

Conference Presentations:

Pascuzzo, K., & Ranahan, P. (2019, October). Connect : un programme fondé sur la théorie de l’attachement afin de promouvoir une continuité de service auprès des dyades parent-adolescent. Paper presented at the Congrès québécois sur la maltraitance envers les enfants et les adolescents. Montreal, Canada.

Pascuzzo, K., & Ranahan, P. (2019, September). Kindling connections: Supporting care leavers’ reconnections with kin during transitions. Paper presented at the Canadian Mental Health Association Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada.

RanahanP., Pascuzzo, K., & Moretti, M. (2019, July). Storying shifts, and shifting stories: Documenting the process of enhancing attachment security in parent-youth relationships. Paper presented at the International Attachment Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Ranahan, P., & Pascuzzo, K. (2019, July). Lost in translation: Implementing Connect in Quebec. Pre-conference presentation at the International Attachment Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

For more information on Connect in Quebec, please contact Dr. Patti Ranahan:

Connect is available in English and French.