Building partnerships, Implementation, and Sustainability


Building Community Partnerships

Systematic Integration

It is common for one agency to take the lead delivering a Connect Parent Group, however we encourage leaders to develop strong community partnerships to ensure that their groups are successful. This may mean developing relationships with clinicians who can refer families to your group, local businesses or schools who can sponsor the group and share the costs of food and transportation, and policy makers who can ensure that the time and space needed to run a group is protected and maintained. 

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Through the course of the group you may also discover that the families you are working with have needs that you cannot meet. At this point community partnerships are critical to ensure that the appropriate supports and resources are available and can be accessed by the families. [/expand]

At first many Connect leaders assume that they can lead a group off the side of their desk on top of their regular workload. We strongly caution against taking this approach. Experienced Connect Leaders typically require 3-4 hours per week to plan and deliver each Connect Parent Group session. New Connect Leaders, who are still becoming familiar with the material and who are undergoing supervision typically require 10 hours per week to prepare for the session, deliver the session, review their tape, and complete their supervision. 

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To ensure your group is a success, the Connect Parent Group should be fully integrated into the services that you and your agency provide. While this may be challenging at first, many agencies have found that this approach has enhanced their engagement with their clients and reduced the need for other services. [/expand]