Adapted & Developing Programs

Additional information is available on request regarding adapted Connect programs, training requirements, and programs under development.


 Connect for Foster Parents  

Status: Implementation Ready, Preliminary Evaluation Complete, Evaluation continuing.

Connect for Foster Parents helps foster parents build their knowledge and understanding of the impact of trauma and attachment on teens and their adjustment to foster care. Structured, experiential exercises and role plays helps foster parents to strengthen their skills in meeting the unique challenges fostering teens, increasing their sense of efficacy and satisfaction in parenting, reducing caregiver strain and promoting security within the foster parent-teen relationship. Practitioners with experience in supporting foster parents of teens but no prior Connect program training must complete the Connect training workshop and undertake supervision to certification. Practitioners who are already certified to deliver the “regular” Connect Parent Group can directly begin supervision to certification in delivering the Connect program for foster parents.

To learn more, visit our Connect for Foster Parents page.


Transforming Connections

Status: Pilot implementation complete; program adaptation and evaluation in progress.

This program is designed for parents and caregivers of transgender youth, providing a context for them to develop a stronger understanding of the challenges associated with victimization and discrimination faced by their teens and their need for parental support. The program promotes the development of parenting skills related to sensitivity, responsiveness and mutuality helping parents to understand and respond to their teens’ behaviour from an attachment perspective. Caregivers also work toward understanding their own emotional challenges and how these shape their parenting behaviours. Transforming Connections is strength focused, promoting a sense of greater parenting efficacy and satisfaction, reducing caregiver stress, and strengthening the relationship between parent and teen.

To learn more, visit our Transforming Connections page.