Connect in Italy

Connect is being implemented across several cities in Italy through collaboration between Dr. Marlene Moretti, Simon Fraser University, Canada, and Prof. Lavinia Barone, University of Pavia, Lab on Attachment and Parenting-LAG. In order to evaluate the efficacy of Connect in Italy, we began data collection for a multi-center randomized-control trial study in October 2017. Data collection has concluded and results will be published by the end of the year (2020). Our research on Connect in Italy has been presented in at least three national events. An implementation trial with a family consultation center has been postponed because of COVID-19 pandemic, but will begin as soon as possible.

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Connect Group Facilitator Training was held in May 2017

– 37 attendees completed the full 3-day training

– 58 attendees completed the 1 day workshop

Below are a list of centers that will collaborate with the study team for the RCT study evaluating the efficacy of Connect in Italy:

– Pisa, IRCCS Fondazione Stella Maris, Servizio per il trattamento dei disturbi del comportamento in età evolutiva “Al di là delle nuvole”, Responsabile: dott.ssa Lisa Polidori

– Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, CRIdee – Centro di Ricerca sulle Dinamiche Evolutive ed Educative, Responsabile: dott.ssa Miragoli Sarah

– Milano, IRCCS Policlinico, NPI, Responsabile: dott.ssa Sara Merelli

– Forli, Centro di Terapia Cognitiva, Responsabile: dott. Furio Lambruschi

– Pavia, LAG, Università degli Studi, Responsabile: prof.ssa Lavinia Barone

Recent Publications

Barone, L., Carone, N., Costantino, A., Genschow, L., Merelli, S., Milone, A., Polidori, L., & Moretti, M. (2019). “Changes in attachment avoidance reduce adolescents’ externalizing symptoms: The effectiveness of CONNECT intervention in Italy”. Paper presented in the symposium “Attachment Based Intervention for Caregivers of Adolescents – Connect”, at the International Attachment Conference 2019 (IAC), Vancouver (CAN), July 18th–20th, 2019.

Barone, L., Carone, N., Costantino, A., Genschow, L., Merelli, S., Milone, A., Polidori, L., & Moretti, M. (2019). “A multicenter study on the effectiveness of CONNECT in reducing behavioral problems in adolescence: The role of attachment”. Paper presented in the symposium “Gli interventi con prove di efficacia in ambito familiare e scolastico”, at the XXXII national Congress of the Italian Association of Psychology – developmental and educational psychology section, Naples, September 23rd–25th, 2019.

Ozturk, Y., Moretti, M., & Barone, L. (2019). Addressing parental stress and adolescents’ behavioral problems through an attachment-based program: An intervention study. International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy, 19, 89–100.